Megan Myers | Demo Reel

Work demonstrating my producing, videography, and editing skills.

Lake Tobias | Documentary | 2017

role | writer, producer, editor

responsibilities |  Our goal was to craft a story that was compelling, engaging and paid homage to the journey Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has taken. 

- collaborated with the creative team on look/style/feel/tone of the documentary

- drafted script outlines and creative briefs to define goals

- prepped crew with production schedule and goals

- interviewed family on location

- co-editor


No Experience Needed (2016)

role | writer, producer, director

awards | Featured in Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival, Featured in 2016 Comedy Shorts Film Festival, Bronze Award for High Artistic Achievement in the Spotlight Short Film Awards

Responsibilities | The production time for "No Experience Needed" was a year (May 2015 - May 2016). The story sparked from people around me, including myself, lacking confidence in their abilities. When it comes to responsibilities, it would be easiest if I could write "everything...," but I had nine talented crew members, an extraordinary cast, and excellent mentors.

- developed an idea through character exercises

- wrote the script (7 + drafts)

- hired and trained crew members

- worked with each crew member to complete pre-production

- launched a social media and crowdfunding campaign to fund the project (raised over $1,300)

- Created script breakdowns, production breakdowns, and production schedules

- Led weekly production meetings through the project

- Held auditions and casting sessions

- Scouted and secured locations

- Gathered props, wardrobe, and set design items

- Acted as director and producer on set

- Supervised post-production

- Premiered the film with over 100 in attendance and held an hour Q&A

Vermin (2015)

role | producer

location | York, UK

Responsibilities | As the producer of a horror film located in Europe, I faced many challenges. Although I was unfamiliar with my surroundings, I fulfilled all of my responsibilities needed to complete the project. The total production time was approximately three months.

- Developed a script breakdown, production schedule, and production breakdown

- Organized training sessions for the crew

- Casted talent

- Assisted by social media and crowdfunding strategy (approx. £300 raised for production)

- Location scouted and secured location

- Handled contracts and risk assessment forms 

- Secured the correct rental of equipment

- Kept shot and sound logs on set, as well as acted as assistant sound

A Close Call (2013)

awards | featured is Olive Tree Television's 12th Annual Big Mini Media Festival 2013

role | assistant producer

Responsibilities | I was asked to be the assistant producer on this film after it had already wrapped. The director wanted to film an entire scene differently. None of the original crew was available to work on the film. It was my job to:

- understand the tone and feel of the film to accurately prepare the new crew

- hire the crew and new talent

- secure location, schedule shoots, create a production breakdown



From Alumni With Love | Juniata Scholarship Fund (2014)

awards | Silver Award Winner in Davey Award Competition 2014

role | producer

Responsibilities | The development office at Juniata College wanted to create a video that had a creative, fun, call to action to alumni to donate to the institution. My responsibilities included:

- meeting with the client and director for pre-production meetings

- training and preparing crew for the scope of the project

- collaborated in writing the script

- cast the talent

- scheduling shoots around student's, professor's, and the president of the college's schedule  

- developed production schedules, breakdown, and script breakdowns


Dreams | Short Film | 2015

role | writer, producer, director of photography, editor

goal | seven shot film challenge

SpaTacular Escapes | Broadcast Commercial | 2016

role | writer, director of photography, editor

responsibilities | The goal for this commercial was for the viewer to feel like they could escape into the peaceful paradise of SpaTacular Escapes.

- Write the shot list and phrasing for commercial

- Light, direct, and film commercial with Sony FS700

- Edit commercial using Adobe Premiere

Desserts Etc | Broadcast Commercial | 2017

role | writer, producer, director of photography, editor

responsibilities | Purpose of the commercial was to portray the youthful experience of Desserts Etc.

- Meet with Client

- Write script and shot list

- Shoot and light commercial

- Edit using Adobe Premiere

Cocoa Couture | Broadcast Commercial | 2017

role | writer, producer, director of photography, editor

Responsibilities| Finding the dress is a magical experience. Our goal was to show that at Cocoa Couture, brides will find their dress.

- Meet with client

- Shoot commercial using Canon C100 Mark II

- Edit using Adobe Premiere